New Female Employees Sue Amazon in a Lawsuit For Discrimination

Amazon and its subsidiaries, including Amazon Web Services, are beginning to come under fire from current and former corporate-level employees, who are suing over what they claim to be a toxic and discriminatory work environment.

Amazon Bullies Employees Speaking Out: Absolutely Lowest Respect Given

As an Amazon employee do you feel as though Amazon allows the supervisors to bully you and your coworkers?

Amazonians United workers had enough, walk out easily

Amazonians United workers walk out of Amazon jobs to seek better treatment. As an Amazon employee do you feel as though you deserve better treatment and higher wages? Dozens of Amazon workers, in two separate warehouses in Chicago, walked out during their shifts demanding better treatment and higher wages. What is Amazonians United? “Amazonians United …

People Afraid To Report The Truth About Hazardous, Unsafe Conditions

Amazon Employees Afraid To Report Unsafe Working Conditions & Imminent Danger for Fear of Retaliation The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) is a federal agency responsible for ensuring clean, safe & healthy working conditions. It’s a part of the United States Department of Labor. O.S.H.A enforces the Occupational Safety & Health Act which creates, …