Amazon’s Colossal Ways of Fighting Against Workers’ Union Exposed

Chris Smalls was fired from Amazon after attempting to gain more rights for himself and his coworkers. Amazon has done everything they can to stop the union from being created including arresting Smalls, spending millions on labor consultants, and having mandatory meetings with their employees to persuade them to say no to the union.

Amazon’s Sick Leave Ruthless Surprise: NO PAY For Its Workers

Amazon advised that they would provide their workers with two weeks of paid sick leave when they tested positive or were in quarantine due to the COVID pandemic.

Amazon Bullies Employees Speaking Out: Absolutely Lowest Respect Given

As an Amazon employee do you feel as though Amazon allows the supervisors to bully you and your coworkers?

Revealing What Actually Happens When Fighting Against Withheld Cellphone Access

As an Amazon employee do you feel as though Amazon does not value you?
Do you feel as though you are often asked to come into work during dangerous weather conditions?

Amazon Workers Speak Out: Mistakes & Powerful ‘Employment Machine’ Pitfalls

Amazon workers claim unfair treatment at workplace. Inside Amazon’s Employment Machine By Trey Heller & Samantha Rosenbaum Inside JFK8 during the pandemic shows how Jeff Bezos created the workplace of the future & made the impossible possible. This also reveals what is standing in the way of his promises to do better for his employees. …

Amazonians United workers had enough, walk out easily

Amazonians United workers walk out of Amazon jobs to seek better treatment. As an Amazon employee do you feel as though you deserve better treatment and higher wages? Dozens of Amazon workers, in two separate warehouses in Chicago, walked out during their shifts demanding better treatment and higher wages. What is Amazonians United? “Amazonians United …

Amazon’s Anti-Union Campaign

Is Amazon firing workers for speaking out? More about Amazon’s anti-union campaign: Are you scared to speak out on issues within Amazon because you fear repercussions? Many other employees agree with you and many have filed charges against Amazon with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). These charges have mainly been about Amazon restricting their employees’ …