Navigating Challenges at Amazon’s JFK8 Fulfillment Center Amidst the Pandemic

By Samantha Rosenbaum / May 8th 2023

The New York Times reported on June 15, 2021, that Amazon’s JFK8, New York City’s sole fulfillment center, faced unique challenges and successes during the COVID-19 pandemic, shedding light on the tech giant’s innovative workforce management strategies and the hurdles in ensuring employee welfare.

One poignant story from JFK8 involved Ann Castillo, whose husband, Alberto, worked at Amazon for five years. Alberto, unfortunately, contracted COVID-19 during mandatory overtime, resulting in severe complications and extensive brain damage. Despite Ann’s efforts to communicate the dire situation to Amazon’s managers and HR, confusion persisted, and even after generous benefits, disability payments ceased abruptly.

JFK8, like other Amazon facilities, adapted swiftly to pandemic-induced shifts in demand. By hiring workers from different sectors, such as hotel staff, actors, bartenders, and dancers, the fulfillment center aimed to meet the surge in demand, offering a competitive pay of around $18 per hour.

While JFK8 excelled in handling packages, Amazon faced struggles in managing its workforce effectively. Accidental firings, stalled benefits, and poor communication overshadowed the company’s operational success. Many employees, including Alberto Castillo, received conflicting directives, such as being encouraged to take as much paid time off as needed and then abruptly being summoned for mandatory overtime.

Amazon’s use of technology to track employee activities, including productivity metrics, created challenges. The system’s glitches, accidental firings, and inadequate communication fueled employee concerns and fears of being terminated for low output, even after the policy changed.

The pandemic prompted Amazon to hire 350,000 new workers between July and October 2020, with a significant portion undergoing screening through a computerized process. However, the turnover rate remained high, exposing challenges in Amazon’s HR policies.

Former executives pointed to Amazon’s historical approach to low-skilled jobs as short-term, hindering fair policy implementation during rapid growth. The company’s efforts to lure workers back with incentives, such as a $2 per hour raise and double pay for overtime, faced hurdles, with a third of Amazon’s workforce choosing to stay home.

Concerns about safety in JFK8 emerged when COVID-19 cases appeared, prompting workers like Derrick Palmer and Chris Smalls to voice their worries. Both faced consequences; Smalls was fired, and Palmer received a warning for violating social-distancing rules. The system’s inability to handle a surge in leave requests resulted in malfunctions, further complicating the situation.

Amazon’s intense focus on productivity, tracking employees’ every minute, left workers anxious and often unaware of policy changes. The company’s high turnover, pressure on productivity, and scaling challenges prompted former executives to question its sustainability.

Despite efforts to communicate policy changes and provide benefits, such as a suspension of productivity feedback, employees like Santos faced uncertainties and accidental terminations. The pandemic highlighted the need for Amazon to strike a balance between operational efficiency and employee welfare, raising questions about the company’s treatment of its workforce during challenging times.

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