Research Actually Shows Amazon Employee Injuries Soar – Increase Of 20%

Amazon has been found to have over 20% higher injuries in 2021 then in previous years. Amazon has also been found to have double the amount of serious injuries as other companies with warehouse employees.

Poor Workplace Safety: Employees’ Perspective: AMZ Doesn’t Really Care

Do you feel as though Amazon is not doing enough to protect your health?

Employee Death Lawsuit: Shrewd Being That Bezos Tweets Condolences

As an Amazon employee do you feel as though the CEO and founder of Amazon should send his condolences about an employee death on the job through a tweet? Jeff Bezos Tweets His Condolences By Trey Heller & Samantha Rosenbaum The family of one of the victims from the tragedy that occurred when a tornado …

One Amazon warehouse has highest rates for workers injured.

As an Amazon employee, do you feel that if you got injured on the job, would Amazon care? In an Amazon warehouse in Massachusetts, many workers become injured while working and struggle to get compensation from Amazon. Amazon has failed to notify these employees of why they will not offer them compensation or instead pay …

“Amazon warehouse injuries ‘80% higher’ than competitors”, report claims.

Does Amazon forego your safety for faster production? Employees injured while working at Amazon warehouses. Have you been severely injured while working at an Amazon warehouse? You wouldn’t be alone… A recent study has shown that Amazon has triple the amount of warehouse injuries compared to any of its competitors. The study showed that there …