Ruthless Firing For Their Activism: Successful Settlement with Employees Made

Amazon Employees Retaliated Against For Their Activism By Trey Heller & Samantha Rosenbaum Amazon’s unpopular standards and practices have come under criticism from current and former employees, with Amazon attempting to suppress the employees’ criticisms. As a result, the company has faced multiple lawsuits. Amazon Settles With Two Employees After They Were Fired For Their …

The Truth About Amazon Firing Employees Who Speak Out

Linda Rodgriguez spoke out about Amazon wrongfully firing her when she began to speak out about them and their failure to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their employees during the COVID pandemic.

New Female Employees Sue Amazon in a Lawsuit For Discrimination

Amazon and its subsidiaries, including Amazon Web Services, are beginning to come under fire from current and former corporate-level employees, who are suing over what they claim to be a toxic and discriminatory work environment.

Research Actually Shows Amazon Employee Injuries Soar – Increase Of 20%

Amazon has been found to have over 20% higher injuries in 2021 then in previous years. Amazon has also been found to have double the amount of serious injuries as other companies with warehouse employees.

Amazon’s Colossal Ways of Fighting Against Workers’ Union Exposed

Chris Smalls was fired from Amazon after attempting to gain more rights for himself and his coworkers. Amazon has done everything they can to stop the union from being created including arresting Smalls, spending millions on labor consultants, and having mandatory meetings with their employees to persuade them to say no to the union.

Amazon’s Sick Leave Ruthless Surprise: NO PAY For Its Workers

Amazon advised that they would provide their workers with two weeks of paid sick leave when they tested positive or were in quarantine due to the COVID pandemic.