Amazon ignoring claims of discrimination & retaliating against employees who speak out.

Have you been discriminated against as an Amazon employee and also retaliated against for speaking out?

Five women that have worked for Amazon relate to you and have filed discrimination and retaliation lawsuits against Amazon. These women all claim to have faced racial, sexual, or gender-based discrimination from their superiors in the Amazon workplace.

“Amazon Targeted With Five Lawsuits From Employees Claiming Discrimination And Retaliation”

As reported by Forbes on May 19, 2021, five Amazon employees filed discrimination and retaliation lawsuits against the company. The Amazon employees, throughout the country, faced discrimination that was racial, sexual, or gender-based from managers and encountered retaliation when they reported the issue. Lawrence Pearson, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, says “The pattern that you see in these lawsuits is that Amazon’s management, even when they run amok, are protected by the organization. The employee who raises the concern is more often than not treated as the problem.” In response to these cases, Amazon has said that they will conduct investigations into each case.

Although Amazon works to create a “diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture” they also said that “We have found no evidence to support the allegations.” These cases have surfaced a week before Amazon shareholders are to vote on a series of proposals for changes within the company, including for Amazon to have a racial equity audit. Amazon has resisted this idea previously.

Three of the plaintiffs currently work for Amazon, while two are former employees. One of the plaintiffs, Pearl Thomas, is a 64 year old black woman who claims she was called the “n-word” by her direct supervisor, he uttered it on a call thinking she had already hung up. After reporting the incident she was given a performance improvement plan by another manager. Another plaintiff, Tiffany Gordwin, claims she was rejected a human resources manager job but instead hired into a lower job, even though she was qualified for the manager position. Gordwin also claims she was passed over for promotions that were instead given to white men. Diana Cuervo, who was an area manager at an Amazon warehouse claims she was fired for complaining about racial abuse from her supervisor who said “latins suck” and “How is a Latin like you working here?” Emily Sousa and Cindy Warner, allege in separate claims that they were subject to gender, racial and sexual harassment. These lawsuits follow another complaint filed in March by Charlotte Newman, an employee at Amazon’s Washington D.C. office, who alleged sexual harrassment and racial discrimination.

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Amazon violating your civil rights - age discrimination at Amazon


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Amazon violating your civil rights - age discrimination at Amazon


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Amazon violating your civil rights - age discrimination at Amazon


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